Moving back to blogspot…

I moved over to WordPress earlier this year because the functionality was more user friendly. It seems as though they’ve improved a lot on Blogspot. And I re-read my old stuff on the old blog. I did lose some photos from the original posts, but I have a lot of history that I recorded as I learned lampworking and jewelry. So, here is the new link…


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Taking a moment to rave…

I’m usually not one to camp out at my mailbox. In fact, I try to avoid it as much as possible. I mean, the only thing I get is bills. But…I was camping out on my mailbox. Ever since Laura started posting her study in reactives after she bought the Sarah Hornik tutorial on Think Pink, I’ve been going ga-ga over Laura’s twist on reactives. I’m not sure what caused that reaction…maybe because I’ve packed up my own studio for the time being and must live vicariously through other artists, maybe because I’ve seen all these other artists playing around with Sarah’s tutorial, maybe because it’s so cool to see the influence / collaboration of two artists who produce my favorite work at the moment. I dunno. Maybe all three. But, I’m the proud owner of the EDP Sampler Set. I’ve been camping out on my mailbox every day, wondering how long the post takes from UK to Texas. My little presents got here yesterday. And the above is what I did with them…

Here is what I must rave about…if you look at these beads from the side, look at that gorgeous detail around the bead holes! I don’t want to hide that. I also have the Rainbow Cogs from Laura that I’m trying to figure out how to display these gorgeous designs from the side. I think these beads with these designs around the bead holes would make great rings. I have some ideas in my head, but that requires some metalsmithing and other metal skills that I don’t currently possess. Oh, and the icing on the cake? Laura has managed this fine, intricate detail into only 9mm x 12mm! If you think the precision is jaw-dropping looking at your computer screen, wait until you hold these exquisite, delicate beads in your hands and think of the control it takes to get that fine detail in such a small space.

Finally, I put the yellow beads into the above earrings and strung the green beads into the necklace below so I could wear it today. I’m planning for this stringing to be temporary. I have a design in mind that will allow those green beads to stand out. In the meantime, I’m trying out different colors to see which one I’m going to stick with to accentuate the green beads. The high contrast of bead colors, as exemplified in the necklace below, is a signature design for me. Laura mentioned her design challenge is to be organic. Mine is to be monochromatic. I mean, I’m the type of person where white should only be an accent color. I lived in a white apartment for 2 years when I moved to Texas. My last two houses have been the antithesis of white walls. In fact, I was trying to think of any white walls I have in my current house. Only in my closets. Every wall in my house is saturated with color. Everything I wear has color. I also only wear white as an accent. But, I have narrowed the accent beads for the final design to green to accentuate the prettiness of the Psychedelic Peacock beads. Now I just have to narrow the greens down…I still want to try different greens…augh!

I think I will “need” to do a second temporary design to try out the different greens. 😀

Please note: I’ve moved my blog back to Blogspot……Thanks!

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A Temporary Break

I know it’s a very bad thing to close down shop when you’re so new, but my current circumstances are really limiting my attention to this hobby/business. I’m moving to Hong Kong!! It will be a drawn-out process of moving, so I’ve decided to close shop temporarily until I get more settled in Hong Kong. Re-opening is planned for January, 2009. Please feel free to email me, though! I’d love to add you to my newsletter and let you know when I re-open. Thank you!

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Quietly Working

So, since jewelry is still a spare time hobby, I’m not going to be posting frequently. I haven’t posted the last few weeks because I’ve had a number of custom orders to finish up. However, I’m back working on regular things for sale. Still small quantity and varying designs…I’m still open for suggestions about what you would like to see!

For sheer eye candy, check out the latest Advanced Weave from Urban Maille. I love that Aislyn designed this with copper rings. This is a good way to learn a trickier weave. I also did the expansion pack of the Serpentine necklace in copper and silver with three twists…it’s really eye-catching. I’ll post that when I get a picture. 

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Chain Mail Lessons

Whew! Finished my “lessons in chain mail” from Urban Maille. That was fun! Really addicting…I did the Rose & Byzantine weave necklace and bracelet, Parallel Chain, Double Spiral, and European 4-in-1. I think I’m ready for the more challenging weaves. I also made some cool earrings from the leftover jump rings.

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Byzantine Chain Maille Watch

Chain Maille! I’ve been making some of my own jump rings, which naturally leads to reading more about how to make better rings and what you can do with jump rings. Chain maille! Hundreds of tiny jump rings woven into various patterns. I did not make these rings, although I did assemble the watch band from a fantastic kit that teaches the chain maille weaves from Urban Maille Chainworks. Talk about an easy way to learn the Chain Maille weave! Aislyn has done all this work to create a kit with all the right-sized jump rings cut by her husband. She includes a tutorial that teaches this specific weave based on the Byzantine pattern.

This particular watch is Argentium Silver which is highly tarnish resistant…a definite plus!

So, in addition to lampwork, beading, and wire-wrapping, I now offer chain maille potential in my jewelry.

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Emerald Green Encased Beads

Esmeralda…beautiful green gems that seem like they belong to an Arabian princess. This lovely set is courtesy of an online tutoring session from Laura of Beads by Laura. (Thank you, Laura!)

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